Nejc Žnidarčič won in men’s kayak event of the selection race on Sava River.


Slovenian whitewater canoeists continued with selection races on Sava River. At a sprint competition Nejc Žnidarčič won in men’s kayak event, while in men’s canoe won Peter Žnidaršič; in women’s kayak event Neža Jarc was the most successful.

Three days after the first selection race at Sava River Slovenian paddlers showed their form also in sprint race. World champion in this discipline Nejc Žnidarčič (KKK Soške elektrarne) was the best in men’s kayak event. Tim Kolar and Maks Franščekin (both KKK Ljubljana) were second and third. Žnidarčič was supposed to be training in France, where this year’s World championships will take place, but due to very low temperatures in Bourg St. Maurice, he postponed his training camp and started at a home race.

The same as in the classical race that was held on Sunday Peter Žnidaršič (KKK Ljubljana) won in men’s canoe event. Lovro Pompe (also KKK Ljubljana) was second and Andrej Črepinšek (KKK Tacen) was third. In women’s event only Neža Jarc and Teja Vrbnjak Erbežnik (both KKK Ljubljana) competed. Neža Jarc was better also this time.

There are two more selection races ahead of competitors. At the end of April the sprint race in Solkan and in the beginning of May classical race on Dolinka River will be organized. After all the selection races the wider team will be selected and those selected will travel to France where additional competition awaits them. There the competitors who will compete at Senior World Championships in Bourg St. Maurice will be selected.