Slovenian sprint canoeists competed at international regatta in Mantua, Italy.


Slovenian sprint canoeists competed at international regatta in Mantua, Italy, this weekend. This race was the first selection race for Slovenian national sprint canoeing team. Lovro Leban and Rok Kuk finished second and third in men’s K1 1000 metres, while they finished fifth in K2 at the same distance. Younger competitors achieved some good results as well.

At the international regatta in sprint canoeing that was held this weekend in Mantua, Italy, Slovenian paddlers achieved great results. Lovro Leban and Rok Kuk were second and third in men’s K1 1000 meters final and Jošt Zakrajšek finished fifth in the same final. “It was according to expectations or even better,” said Lovro Leban who was satisfied with his individual performance. Leban was second, behind Ervin Holpert of Serbia, while another Slovenian Rok Kuk finished third and was satisfied as well: “Both Lovro and I paddled well already in the heats and advanced to the final without any difficulties. In the final we had quite a duel and we also beat an excellent competitor at 1000 metres Max Benassi. We are very satisfied with our individual form. We made a step forward.”

They were more disappointed after the final in men’s K2 1000 metres where they finished fifth. “We saw in the heats and semi-final that things work, but then in the final just didn’t go according to plan and I don’t know why. This is our regular problem and we don’t know whether this is connected with stress or something else,” said Lovro Leban. Rok Kuk added: “Unfortunately we didn’t paddle well half an hour after the individual final. We were far behind the best today, but we believe we will correct everything in Poznan where we’ll compete only in K2.” Duško Stanojević and Dejan Pajić (SRB) were the best, Nekriousius-Olijnik (LTU) were second and Facchin-Scaduto (ITA) were third. Leban and Kuk are now returning to lake Bled where they’ll continue with their two-week training camp. The second selection race will be in the end of the April in Bled.

In junior category Slovenian K2 Alan Apollonio – Simon Blaževič won in the 1000 metres final, while Jani Jarc and Matic Klobučar completed the success with third place. Allan Apollonio was second also in junior K1 1000 metres final, while Simon Blaževič finished 6th. In women’s K1 500 metres final Anja Osterman finished second and Szilvia Kollo who competes for Slovenia finished in third place. In the junior final of men’s K1 200 metres Vid Debeljak finished 5th.