24-hour paddling for a good cause.


When? Friday, May 31st 2013 (from 3PM on) until, Saturday, June 1st (until 3PM)

Where? Ljubljanica River, between Livada (Kayak and Canoe Club Ljubljana) and barriers near Ambrožev trg.

Main idea:

Kayak and Canoe Club Ljubljana prepared a new challenge for all the paddlers. As a part of ecological and recreational event Voda za vedno (Water Forever) we will see how well prepared are we. We will paddle for 24 hours on a 3,5 kilometres long course which will lead us to the old city centre, under the Ljubljana bridges. This will be a true challenge, but don”t worry, you can paddle as much as you can, only a circle if that is enough for you. Being a part of this event you will also be a part of humanitarian act. We have decided to donate part of the participation fees to the University Rehabilitation Institute Soča to support their programme of paracanoeing. With the money we will buy them the necessary kayaks and equipment.

With the upcoming programme of paracanoeing we will make canoeing interesting also to the people who weren’t able to paddle before and maybe prepare someone for the Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

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Individuals and teams (team is composed of three individuals).

Concept of the event:

Individuals and teams paddle on a circular course on Ljubljanica River with start and finish at the Kayak and Canoe Club Ljubljana, Livada 31, and turn under the bridge near Ambrožev trg. The circle is approximately 3,5 kilometres long.

The course is very easy, because Ljubljanica River is very still. You can use any kind of kayak or canoe.

Every participant in individual category can paddle as much as he wishes. The number of circles finished will be calculated.

In team event there is only one boat on the water at the time. The number of circles of all members of the team will be calculated in the end.


All participants will receive a T-shirt and certificate. First three individuals and teams with the highest number of finished circles will receive special prizes. The most original and authentic boat will also receive a prize.

Rest and food:

All the participants will be able to take a rest and receive food at Kayak and Canoe Club Ljubljana.

Participation fee:

With the participation fee of 15 Euros participants will get drink and food in the time of the event. At the end they will also get a T-shit and certificate. Part of the participation fees will be donated to the University Rehabilitation Institute Soča to support their programme of paracanoeing. With the money we will buy them the necessary kayaks and equipment and help them with the programmes of paracanoeing.


The event will finish on Saturday, June 1st 2012 at 15:00 at Kayak and Canoe Club Ljubljana. At this occasion we will donate parakayak and equipment to the representative of the University Rehabilitation Institute Soča.

You don’t have a kayak or canoe?

Kayak and Canoe Club Ljubljana will ensure recreational kayaks for those who don’t have their own equipment. Trained instructors will be present at the venue, so they will give you all the basic and necessary instructions before the paddling. So, we kindly invite also all of you who don’t have any canoeing skills, but would like to participate and paddle a circle or two on Ljubljanica River.

Information and contact:

Andrej Jelenc / andrej.jelenc@kajak-zveza.si; + 386 41 745 112