Slovenian competitors will spent winter months in warmer places.


The best kayakers and canoeists will again spent the winter in Australia. Peter Kauzer and Janoš Peterlin will be the first Slovenians to go to the land of the kangaroos, while a few days later most of the slalom team will follow them. Rok Kuk and Lovro Leban will also train in Australia, while the other canoe sprinters will train in Portugal and Croatia. Whitewater canoeists will prepare for a new season in Skradin as well, while junior slalom team and U23 slalom team will train in France.

Peter Kauzer will go to Australia together with Janoš Peterlin already on Monday. Kauzer took the preparations for the Olympics very seriously and will be training on the Olympic course in Sydney until the end of February. Given that in Australia will be all the best kayakers, he’ll probably do some training with them: “If someone asks for joint training, I”ll do it with pleasure. I already talked about the common training with Fabien Lefevre, I usually get an invitation for a joint training with Australians as well. Many athletes will train in Penrith, that’s why I am going there in the beginning of January, because the course will get crowded in February.” Kauzer has no expectations before the training camp, but warns:” I am more concerned about too much training. Last year happened just that, so I”ve been very tired for some time. In Australia you have time only for trainings, there are no other obligations. Australia is the ideal destination for training, because the water is not too wild nor too still.” The days without scheduled training he’ll most likely spend on Sydney beaches.  He will now travel to Australia for the seventh time, so he knows the majority of tourist attractions in the area.

World champion will return to Europe early in March and then at the end of the month he’ll travel to London for training at the Olympic course. “I hope there will not be any snow, because there is no snow right now. I’ll have enough training in Australia so it will be good to spent few days at home. After the training in London, we’ll already have the selection races. I was also invited by the French to their selection races, but I do not know whether I will go. The trip is quite long, so I”m not a big fan of this idea,” added Kauzer.

The course in Athens will be closed, canoeists will also travel to Australia
Due to the closure of course in Athens canoeists Benjamin Savšek, Jure Lenarčič and Blaž Cof will train in Sydney for the first time, after they trained in Greece in the past years. Besides the already mentioned Luka Božič-Sašo Taljat, Luka Slapšak-Urban Jarc, Anže Berčič, Eva Terčelj, Urša Kragelj, Simon Brus, Matej Poljanec and Martin Albreht will join the team in Australia in the second half of January. During the training camp in Australia there will be to races – Australian Open and Oceania Championships – on which also Slovenians will take part.

Meglič remains in Slovenia, juniors in France
This time kayaker Jure Meglič who is still recovering from back surgery will not travel to Australia as he used in the past seasons. The course of his winter preparation will largely depend on the success of rehabilitation, but the former European vice-champion and holder of the Bronze Medal at World Championships in Tacen despite everything plans training camp in Planica. After several years of winter training in Australia Nina Mozetič will also miss the training camp in the land “Down Under”. In the new season she will work with Uroš Kodelja and will travel to Pau, France, with the junior and the U23 slalom team. Dejan Kralj and Simon Hočevar will also train in Paul a week after  juniors.

Leban-Kuk in Australia, others in Portugal and Croatia
Rok Kuk and Lovro Leban, sprint canoeists, will experience the first winter training in the land “Down Under’. The duo will join the Italian team and will get a nice opportunity for progress. “We will be able to work with top athletes and with trainings next to excellent competitors we’ll try to make a step forward. After all, Maximilian Benassi is one of the best kayakers in the 1000 –meters, while coach Josef Capoušek worked for a decade in Germany with his protégées winning 17 Olympic gold medals,” Rok Kuk looks forward to train in elite company. Kuk adds: “We can expect 7 weeks of hard work in good conditions, and consequently many opportunities to improve our paddling. We know most of the contestants, who will be our training partners, and their system of work should not differ much from ours, because their and our coaches come from the German kayak school. We hope we”ll get into their ‘story’ without any problems and that we’ll return very satisfied. We are really excited about the given opportunity for winter training and I am very happy and also grateful to all who made this project possible as well.” Trainings on the Maroochy River near Brisbane are likely to be enriched with visits to the gym and swimming pool, which are part of the training centre.

Špela Ponomarenko Janić, who is currently the only Slovenian canoe sprinter with a guaranteed place at the Olympic Games in London, will spend two months in Portugal – the same as last year. Tilen Vidovič and Jošt Zakrajšek will join her for a little less than a month,  while the other younger sprinters, including Anja Osterman and Alan Apollonio and Simon Blaževič, will train in Croatia. Whitewater kayakers Nejc Žnidarčič, Tim Kolar, Maks Frančeškin, Simon Oven and Vid Debeljak will also train in Skradin.