Solkan hosted the national championships in Sprint Whitewater Canoeing.


Solkan hosted the national championships in sprint whitewater canoeing that served as the selection race for national senior and junior teams at the same time. Tim Kolar was the best in men’s kayak event, Blaž Cof won in C1, Ajda Novak was the best in women’s K1, Beti Medved in women’s C1 and Žnidaršič – Žganjar won in C2 race.

The kayak centre in Solkan welcomed most of the best Slovenian whitewater canoeists only two weeks after it hosted slalom selection races. Nejc Žnidarčič, the reigning World Champion in whitewater sprint canoeing, had to miss this race due to an illness, but he’s already qualified for the team based on his successes in the previous season. Tim Kolar took advantage of this absence and won with a little less than two and a half seconds faster time than second placed Maks Frančeškin (both KKK Ljubljana). Vid Debeljak (KKK Tacen) finished third.

In men’s canoe Blaž Cof (KKK Tacen), medallist from European Championships in Kraljevo, showed his good preparation and was almost nine seconds faster than Luka Žgajnar (KKK Ljubljana) in second place, while Jure Kljun (KK Simon) finished third with more than 19 seconds slower time.

Ajda Novak (KKK Ljubljana) also showed a good form in women’s kayak race. She won with seven seconds advantage over Anja Kancler (KKK Soške elektrarne) and Eva Vrevc (KKK Tacen) finished third.

In Canadian doubles the boats of KKK Ljubljana finished at the top. Peter Žnidaršič and Luka Žganjar won in front of Luka Slapšak and Urban Jarc, while Gašper Kovačič and Niko Testen, competitors of host club, finished the race in third place.

In women’s canoe only three competitors paddled. Beti Medved was the fastest, Anja Kancler was second and Alja Kozorog finished in third place (all KKK Soške elektrarne).

In the team race of C1m the team of KKK Ljubljana won in front of KKK Tacen representatives and competitors from KKK Soške elektrarne won bronze medals. Also in men’s kayak event the team of KKK Ljubljana won in front of team KKK Tacen, while competitors from KKK Nivo Celje finished third. In women’s kayak race the team of Soške elektrarne won first and third place, while paddlers from KKK Ljubljana finished in second place.

Although the selection race series is not over yet with this race in Solkan it looks that besides Nejc Žnidarčič also Tim Kolar, Maks Frančeškin, Simon Oven and Vid Debeljak will travel to France to start at the additional selection race (there the best results will determine who will join Žnidarčič at World Championships in Bourg St. Maurice). Blaž Cof is also very seriously considering the start in France although he paddled very well at slalom selection races and finished fourth best canoeist, which enables him to start at World Cup races.

The last selection race will be organized on Sava Dolinka River on May 2nd, and the best will then travel to France. The results from the race in France will determine who will compete at Senior World Championships early in July.

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