The slalom season 2012 will start with traditional race in Tacen.


Slovenian kayakers and canoeists will open a season 2012 with a race in Tacen. Traditional slalom (Saturday) and wildwater canoeing (Sunday) races will attract also some competitors from the neighbouring countries.

Majority of top Slovenian paddlers that spent winter training in Australia already competed at Australian Open and Oceania Championships in Penrith, so they got a chance to review their state of preparation before April’s selection races, but for the other this will be the first test. “I don’t have special expectations before the first race. I’d like to come into competition rhythm and paddle smart, but fast. The race will show me where I make mistakes, which will be great information before the selection races. This year I expect to be prepared better on a psychical level and to have constant, penalties free and fast runs,” said canoeist Jure Lenarčič.

Slovenian competitions experienc difficulties because the lack of water in Slovenian rivers makes their training conditions much harder, so they seek for different training solutions. Tacen power plant enables three hours of training each week at competitions course, some competitors spent few days training in Augsburg, while Peter Kauzer trains at Olympic course in London. “Due to low water level the trainings had to be adapted. There wasn’t as much wild water as I hoped, but we retrieved the situation with trainings in lower parts of the Sava River where it had a bit faster currents.  We went to Solkan a few times to paddle on white water. Although the conditions weren’t ideal, I still think our trainings were good,” explained Lenarčič. Due to low water level of Sava River the slalom course will be shorter than usual – the finish will be located before the last fall of the slalom course.

The first run of Saturday’s slalom race will begin at 10.30 and the second one at 12.30. On Sunday Tacen will host also Wildwater canoeing race.