The season 2012 kicked-off with a race from Medvode to Tacen.


A day after the opening race of the season for slalomists, also whitewater canoeists showed the level of their preparation in an opening race from Medvode to Tacen. Nejc Žnidarčič was the best in men’s kayak event, in women’s kayak Ajda Novak won and in men’s canoe Tomislav Lepan of Croatia won.

With a traditional race from Medvode to Tacen the season 2012 kicked-off for downriver canoeists. World champion Nejc Žnidarčič (KKK Soške elektrarne) won in men’s kayak event without any difficulties. Simon Brus (KKK Nivo Celje) was second with 39 seconds slower time than the winner. Matej Herkov of Croatia was third and was 42 seconds behind Žnidarčič. Majority of the best Slovenian whitewater kayakers (except for Nejc Žnidarčič) did not participate at this season opening race. Tim Kolar, Maks Frančeškin, Simon Oven and Vid Debeljak returned from training camp in Sort the night before the competition.

In men’s canoe event Croatian paddler Tomislav Lepan produced almost a minute faster time than second placed Peter Žnidaršič (KKK Ljubljana), while third place went to another Croatian Robert Rauš. In C2 only duo Martinčević-Sajković of Croatia competed.

In women’s kayak race Ajda Novak and Janja Srabotnik were the only contestants. Ajda Novak (KKK Ljubljana) was almost two minutes faster than Janja Srabotnik (KKK Nivo Celje).

A bit more competitors were on the start of junior races. In kayak event Rok Markočič (KKK Soške elektrarne) won in front of Nejc Konda and Vid Karner (both KKK Nivo Celje). Luka Žganjar (KKK Ljubljana), Jadran Znojić and Ivan Tolić (both Croatia) were the best in men’s C1 and in women’s kayak race Neža Vrevc, Eva Vrevc (both KKK Tacen) and Tonka Kadilnik (KKK Nivo Celje) were the fastest. The youngest competitors paddled on a shorther course from Vikrče to Tacen.